History Spotlight: CAESAREA

Mrs Gloria Hoar

Caesarea is an antiquity’s coastal town on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. I am not aware that Mrs Hoar was Jewish, though.
The name is not to be confused with Caesarean, the Ill fated son of Cleopatra & Julius Caesar.
I don’t believe it has been used as a person’s name.

Mrs Hoar was a trim, stylish ( for her age) lady, always immaculately turned out, as where her dogs.
Usually she was accompanied to shows by her husband John, a quietly spoken gentleman. She came to ETTs from Chihuahuas. I’m not familiar with any successes she may have had in that breed.
She was pleasant to everybody, and I think everyone liked her.

That said she kept pretty much to herself and her circle of friends; Mrs Kitson ( by whom she was usually benched, and also lived about 30 minutes drive from.) Marjorie Heward and Joan Bentley.
She was not an outspoken person, I cannot recall her at AGMs ( though she may have attended), if so, she certainly wasn’t one for expressing an opinion.

She was savvy at knowing which judges to show under, and when judging was completed could usually be found sat by her bench indulging in a picnic.
Though she was an approachable person, it was not easy to engage her in conversations on breeding and pedigrees.
The impact of her breeding on the ETT is not easy to assess, as she didn’t sell stock to other kennels, although her dogs were allowed extremely sparingly to stud.

Caesarea came first to prominence circa 1974 with Ch Quinoa Starlet, litter sister to Ch Quinoa Dickory ( Laugharne of Leospride x Star of Lenster), both bred by Mrs Kitson, won their titles in consecutive shows.
In the recesses of my mind I believe Mrs Hoar had a Limpsfield bitch too, but it doesn’t figure in her pedigrees. It may possibly have preceded Starlet.

Ch Starlet was mated to her half brother ( through Star of Lenster), Ch Quinoa Dolphin, putting Star of Lenster 3 times in a 3 generation pedigree.

This produced the champion progeny, Ch Caesarea Starlight Lad & Ch Caesarea Dolphina Star.
6 months later Mrs Hoar repeated the mating giving Mrs Kitson Ch Caesarea Jubilena Star of Quinoa.
Ch Dolphina Star was then covered by Ch Quinoa Dolphin, her own sire.

This produced Ch Caesarea Star Charmer. Her pedigree being a daughter to father mating, where the dam was the result of half sister/half brother mating, and the sire a mother to son mating. ( confused ? You soon will be!)
Ch Star Charmer was covered by her half brother Ch Caesarea Starlight Lad, which showed Star of Lenster 7 times in a 3 generation pedigree !

From this mating came the sibling champions, Ch Caesarea Jack Black & Ch Caesarea Black Olive.
These were the first Caesareas I got to judge. It was at Bournemouth CH show 198?, an early non CC appointment for me.
These are my personal reminiscence of the pair.
Jack Black was quite a tall, sturdily built dog ( which rather blows the myth that inbreeding produces only small stock). He was an eye-catching dog in lovely jacket, and always stood rock steady. I would describe him as a dog that tolerated shows, but did not enjoy them. He was high on my list of potential studs to use, but I found him to have a ‘dead behind the eyes’ , far away expression as if he was somewhere else all the time.

Mrs Hoar was hot foot cross with the kennel Club, because she had applied for the name Black Ischia, which had been rejected, and in high handedness the kennel Club issued Black Olive. ( Mrs Kitson found it an amusement to say Jack & Olive were at a show – sounding like it was two humans. I digress). Olive was a perfect size, and very pretty bitch, excellent Thumbprints, I recall. She was rather nervous in the show ring and tended to lean against Mrs Hoar’s leg for reassurance, and would even go right behind her if given a chance.

Judging, I gave Jack Black RBD behind Quinoa Herb Robert and Black Olive BB, with Herb Robert BOB.
There was only one more homebred Caesarea champion in Ch Caesarea Cock Robin, the result of Ch Caesarea Star Charmer put to Ch Carrlea Royal Robin. Again this was a half brother/half sister mating via Ch Quinoa Dolphin.
Ch Carrlea Royal Robin was himself also the result of a cousin/cousin, their sires being litter brothers, mating.
Cock Robin was an elegant dog, quite refined.

I did judge him, just once when I was awarding CCs. He was not my CC winner, and I brought the wrath of Ruth Kitson upon my head for putting in my critique words to the effect I found him rather bitchy headed ( I used kinder terminology in the critique!).

Miss Kitson took up cudgels and wrote in her breed notes that nowhere in the Standard did it say males had to have masculine heads. I took the bait and wrote in her breed notes that it didn’t say they had to have 4 legs, a head at the front and a tail at the rear either, but some things were a given and dogs should look like dogs n bitches look like bitches ! Andrew Brace then waded in, supporting what I’d said.

At the next show ( a Southern Counties, I think), I arrived early as always, and Miss Kitson had too. How she launched into me that I was ‘despicable’ for challenging her breed notes. I responded she was being ridiculous. We never spoke to one another again ! Ha ha.

Gloria Hoar, never mentioned the subject to me and WE continued to get on fine.
Mrs Hoar showed one more dog to its title, Ch Joruben The Buzz Word ( Ch Caesarea Cock Robin x Ch Joruben The Beez Neez.
The Beez Neez was by Reeberrich Pinball Wizard at J x Ch Quinoa Queen Bee, thus picking up the Quinoa thread again. The Beez Neez was, herself the result of a nephew to Aunt mating, with Pinball Wizard’s sire being Ch Quinoa Pinstripe of Reeberrich, litter brother to Ch Quinoa Queen Bee.

If I recall correctly ( and I’m a bit shaky on this knowledge), Mrs Hoar did mate Ch Caesarea Jack Black to his full sister Ch Caesarea Black Olive, but Olive proved sterile.
CH Caesarea Jubilena Star of Quinoa, produced the multi CC, reserve group winning Ch Quinoa Cold Comfort, but she too was sterile. Also Ch Quinoa Country Gent, ( no notable progeny, I can bring to mind) & Ch Quinoa Queen of Spades ( dam of 3 champions)

Cock Robin sired Ch Joruben A Touch of Class at Amalek, out of Ch Joruben The Beez Neez ( Reeberrich Pinball Wizard at J x Ch Quinoa Queen Bee) the first Amalek kennels champion.
Jack Black sired Ch Desiderata Golden Sapphire. Golden Sapphire went to a pet home when his owner left ETTs.
Therefore, as you can see, it is hard to quantify the Caesarea impact through the breed, but it was certainly a successful kennel.

by Johnny Richardson (Reeberich)

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