ETTs of Italy: William & Giulia

Submitted by Giulia Agnoletti 

What attracted you to ETTs and why?

I met this breed while living in Putney Bridge, London. I felt in love with an old ETT and asked his owner about the breed and decided to get one as soon as I got back to Italy! I just loved the way they are, no particular reason why, just love at first sight.

How did you find breeder Angelo (Black Idols) and come to own William?

After I returned to Italy from work experience in London, I researched ETTs for two years. I found Black Idols ETT and Manchester Terrier Kennel on Facebook and I met Angelo in January 2018 – I was surprised to discover he lived just 15 minutes driving from my home.

I phoned him and he said he only had one boy left and arranged for an appointment. The next day I met my William and brought him home after a while.

Have you owned dogs before?

My first dog was a bitch german shepherd called Kira. She lived until she was 14 years old – I grew up with her since she was my parents’ dog.

After she passed away, my husband and I got a Minipin (Sasu, 8 years old). He supports William like a patient big brother.

Tell us about William. Have you got any funny stories?

The first time I met him at Angelo’s, he pooed on my shoe! It doesn’t sound like the best first meeting but I felt in love with this weird stinky boy!

William loves hunting tiny animal like squirrels and rats, running free on the beach and swimming in the sea – but of course refuses a bath at home with soap… This is a difficult topic for him? like cutting nails!

He goes crazy playing with tennis balls, he can play non stop for a whole afternoon.

He is very sweet and loyal to me, he shows his tenderness and love in a peculiar way to each of his family members, but his biggest love is me (thank God). He does not like to be touched or pet by strangers, he decides if is ok or not, but he is a good boy at the vet and also at dog shows.

He is usually grumpy and bossy with my old Minipin, William is the one that decides when is play-nap-bark time.

William in the show ring

I started to attend to dog shows in September 2018 just for curiosity and since my boy gave great results, I started taking it more seriously.

Thanks to Angelo’s support, we qualified for Crufts in 2019 and William won the italian beauty championship.

We were disappointed that we could not make to take part in 2020 due to Covid-19 spreading and all the borders were closed to the Italian people.

We are really looking forward to Crufts in 2022 and hope that the UK kennel Club will allow us to take part.

Submitted by Giulia Agnoletti 

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