TMT: ‘Chest is narrow between the legs and deep in brisket.’
‘The ribs are well sprung but flattened in the lower end to permit clearance of the forelegs’.
‘The abdomen should be tucked up extending in an arched line from the deep brisket.’
ETT: ‘Chest narrow and deep with ribs well sprung.’
‘Loins well cut up’. Despite the different wording this suggests similar body shapes.

TMT: ‘The slightly arched neck should be slim and graceful and of moderate length. It gradually becomes larger as it approaches and blends smoothly with the sloping shoulders.

ETT: Neck long graceful, slightly arched. Shoulders well laid back. Line of neck flowing into shoulders and sloping off elegantly.
Now the toplines:
TMT: ‘The topline shows a slight arch over the robust loins falling slightly to the tail set. A flat back or roached back is to be severely penalised’.

ETT ‘Back very slightly curving from behind shoulder to loin falling again to root of tail’ ‘Buttocks gently rounded’.
Note that the ETTs curve starts from behind the shoulder; the TMT’s curve is over the loins (the part between the last rib and the hindquarters) no mention of a curve over the back (the part between the shoulders and loins) which is just to be neither flat nor roached – in that case if a rise is not required the other alternative would seem to a dip or ‘saddle back, surely that was not what was meant..

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