English Toy Terrier Rescue

Every now and then, an English Toy Terrier may come up for rehoming.

This can be due to wide ranging unfortunate circumstances. We understand that this is a difficult time for any pet owner, and we are here to help.

We can put you in touch with potential new owners and foster families that understand English Toy Terriers.

If you know of an ETT in need, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Could you offer a home to an ETT in need?

If you would like to register your interest in rehoming an English Toy Terrier, or becoming a foster home, we would be very pleased to hear from you.


Pat Waterhouse looks after Welfare & Rescue within our English Toy Terrier community.

Pat and husband Lionel, with the help of many kind members of the community, have successfully rehomed 50 dogs in need over the last 20 years.


History of English Toy Terrier Rescue

Patricia Waterhouse, English Toy Terrier Rescue

The need for ETT welfare and rescue

“Although the English Toy Terrier is a vulnerable breed and very much sought after, there are a surprising amount that are in need of help. 

The most common reason I am asked to help out is due to illness of the the owner and, in some sad cases, the death of an owner. 

Those of us who know and love this breed are well aware of how owner loyal they are and how they go through a grieving process, some more so than others. 

For this reason I personally feel that in many cases these lost little souls are best placed with someone who has experience of the breed and can empathise with how they are feeling. 

For me taking in a rescue/rehome is all about the dog. They are special and need all the love and understanding that can be given.”

Pat’s first experience of rehoming a dog


“My first experience of rehome was a boy whose owner had become too frail to continue to care for him. We took him in and he settled fairly quickly. He was an absolute joy to have and he soon became a loved and established member of our family. 

Soon afterwards we were asked if we could manage to take his young daughter in. She had been for sale but the purchaser had a change of mind so we were asked if we’d buy her as she was now a few months old.

This we did and she settled in no time – pleased to be back with her Sire and a very welcome member to our growing tribe! 

After this things snowballed…

We had several requests and as we were still showing and caravanning in those days we realised we couldn’t take them all!  

That’s when rehoming started in earnest.”


Finding Homes

“I’m very lucky to be admin and member of the
English Toy Terrier (Black & Tan) facebook group and am able to put requests for homes there. I also have an extensive list of people who wish to take in these little ones! 

Some are relatively easy to find homes for, others may be more problematic but I know there is a home for each and every one of them out there! This is a mantra I always go by and so far it hasn’t failed me.  

But I must admit that whilst some are relatively easy, some do cause many a sleepless night for us. 

This has been the case when they have belonged to close friends… this is never easy.  

Sadly there have been too many of those … some need foster homes , others need permanent homes. This is where I thank all the wonderful people in the community.  

There have been two occasions where there have been multiple dogs, all different ages meaning different needs.  

We have both bought and rehomed many of these ourselves but that is nothing compared with the kindness of people who have known me, but not my friends in need. 

Their support and love for these dogs has overwhelmed me at times. People have travelled hundreds of miles, in one case through the worst snow we’d had for many a year to take these lost souls into their homes. 

 I’m so grateful to them …. I hope they know that … they know who they are. We’re lucky too that we’re still in touch with most of these people and count them as friends. 

To date we’ve managed to home about 50 dogs .. including a Staffie and a Manchester Terrier and some min pins.

I know from past experience that more will come along and more will find the love and care they all deserve.”

Patricia Waterhouse, English Toy Terrier Rescue

Success Stories

Many successful rescues and rehomes have been completed by English Toy Terrier rescue over the years, with the help of numerous dedicated volunteers across the community.

Though it’s sad when any dog needs to find a new home, there is often a very happy ending.

I have owned ETTs for 16 years. In the last few years since I retired, I have helped foster and rehome them. It has been a joyful experience. I have now fostered five dogs and have kept 3 of them.

It’s rewarding to give something back to a delightful breed which has given me so much joy over the years. 

Mo, North Yorkshire

Owner of 4 rescue ETTs


Sadly, Rufus’ elderly owner was no longer able to care for his needs. He needed to find an experienced and patient owner who could help him cope with some of his troubles. He tried out a few loving homes until he found one that was just right for him. 

“Rufus is my latest rehome. He is a gentle giant who just needs to know who is pack leader and what the house rules are. He has fitted into our household seamlessly and I hope this is his forever home.”



Due some big changes to family life, Jessie’s owner was no longer able to give her the time and attention she deserved. 

“I drove to Northampton to pick her up (many tears on both sides), brought her home, introduced her to my 15 year old ETT Polly (now deceased) and she fitted in like a dream. I have now had her for 3 years.” 


Toby’s owners led a busy lifestyle and were unable to put in the time required to successfully train him.

“I stepped up to the plate and drove to the other side of Lincoln to collect him. He fitted in straight away, and is now in his second year with me.” 

Ozzy & Dibley

Ozzy and Dibley were placed in kennels whilst their owners were away but unfortunately they did not thrive in that environment and were losing weight rapidly. A foster carer who could take care of them until they returned was needed.

“Knowing that I rehomed ETTs in the past, I was contacted for help. I looked after them for nearly 3 weeks over Christmas. They thrived with me and I am delighted to say they went home to their owner healthy and happy.” 





Sometimes rescue missions incur big costs, especially when neglected ETTs require a trip to the vet.

Support the much appreciated and, sadly, vital work of the English Toy Terrier Rescue.