ETTs of Italy: Black Idols

Submitted by Angelo Emilio Sartori, Black Idols Kennel, Italy
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We, Patrizia Brenciani and Angelo Emilio Sartori, own “Black Idols” Kennel and we are the first kennel to be recognised, in Italy, as breeders of the English Toy Terrier.

At the beginning of 1996 we began breeding Manchester Terriers then, after studying the breed, and looking at all the dogs we met at shows throughout Europe, we decided to have an English Toy Terrier as a new member of our family.

In 2010 we met a friend at Crufts who was there to show her ETT/TMT.  She showed us her dog and we immediately fell in love with him.  He was physically amazing, beautiful in movement and had a great temperament so we decided to ask our friend, Jo Acton, if she would let us have a dog the same as she had at Crufts.

Six years passed from that day and we again met at the European dog show held in Bruxelles where she gave us our “Fantasi’s Mr Tibbs At Black Idols” after which started our adventure with ETTs.

We are very precise and picky breeders and, with our experience in Manchester Terriers, we always strive to try and improve the quality of our litters. We always look carefully at the breed standard in order to have very typical dogs that will characterise the quality of our kennel.  Currently we have three males and three females in our home and a new girl is coming soon.

Our new puppy owners are very happy to have our puppies and describe them as friendly with people and great with other animals.  They are very clean, never intrusive, great at guarding the home, love walks and enjoy interacting with their family life.

Positive feedbacks allow us to hope for an increasing number of ETTs in Italy.  Making this breed famous is very difficult but the results we have been achieving at the shows are helping us in this endeavour.

Obviously we have also had wonderful help from other breeders in Europe who have never refused our requests for a puppy and are always willing to collaborate between our kennels.  Our wish is that those collaborations will increase in the future in order to make this amazing breed famous and we will endeavour to make it in the correct way by breeding dogs as homogeneous as possible and by taking special care and attention to temperaments. Needless to say the correct physical construction will be our other goal.

In our opinion the best way for making the English Toy Terrier famous and appreciated all over the world is having a collaboration between serious breeders in a common goal of love for this magnificent  breed.

Submitted by Angelo Emilio Sartori, Black Idols Kennel, Italy
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