History Spotlight: QUINOA

When I purchased my first ETT ( late 1985), two kennels dominated the CCs, Quinoa & Brynlythe.

Quinoa ( Mrs Petronelle Kitson) came from chihuahuas to ETT circa 1970. Basing her breeding on the bitch Star of Lenster and the dog Laugharne of Leospride, both grandchildren of Ch All Gold of Lenster.

A litter produced 2 champions, Dickory (Kitson) and Starlet ( Hoar).

She then mated Dickory back to his dam, which produced Ch Dolphin.

Meantime Mrs Gloria Hoar mated Ch Quinoa Starlet to her half brother Ch Dolphin, out of Star of Lenster, and got Ch Caesarea Starlight Lad & Ch C. Dolphina Star.

Mrs Hoar repeated the mating a year later, giving Mrs Kitson, Ch Caesarea Jubilena Star of Quinoa.

A litter brother, Quinoa Lodestar, from the original Laugharne/Star mating had gone to Doreen Gibson.

Mrs Yvonne Wooley mated her Stocott Rhinestone Ranee to Q. Lodestar and from that Mrs Kitson had Pipe Dream of Quinoa (Ch).

Ch Pipe Dream was mated to Ch Dickory, the well proven classic formula of the dam of the sire should be the granddam of the dam on the dam’s side.

This produced Ch Quinoa Old Holborn, the first champion for the Brynlythe kennel. Ch Old Holborn sired 5 champions.

Mrs Kitson then made up Ch Quinoa Country Gent ( out of Ch Jubilena Star), sired by Quinoa Hillwalker.

Hillwalker & Ch Country Gent wouldn’t live together in the same house and thus, Hillwalker was pet homed, although he did sire one other champion, Ch Scarteen Sea Wyf ( Edwards).

Jubilena Star was then mated to Ch Richburn Man of Kent of Benhelmstone, an highly influential, dominant sire of the time. This resulted in Ch Quinoa Queen of Spades (IMO the best of the Quinoa bitches).

For another litter, Jubilena Star was put to Ch Carrlea Royal Robin, getting Ch Quinoa Cold Comfort, a TREBLE great granddaughter of Star of Lenster!

Ch Pipe Dream had been put to Ch Dickory 4 years BEFORE Cold Comfort was whelped, and Mrs Kitson had retained Quinoa Merryman, which became the next Quinoa champion at a shade off 5 years old.

During this time ( early- mid- late 80s) Cold Comfort picked up alot of the bitch CCs.

CH Queen of Spades was then put to Little Lord Lionel. This resulted in Ch Quinoa Lionheart, the pedigree being Mrs Kitson’s only ever total outcross mating.

Queen of Spades was then covered by Ch Merryman, which got the litter brother/ sister champions, Pinstripe ( Richardson) Queen Bee ( Wright).

Mrs Kitson had been sole breeder and where applicable sole owner of the Quinoas. Some time after this, the affix went into joint names with her daughter Ruth who had handled on latter occasions for Mrs Kitson.

This takes us to the end of the 80s. Mrs Kitson pretty much gave up breeding then, and I can’t recall Ruth breeding much. There was Quinoa Malacca and Quinoa Herb Robert, as I recall, but they didn’t distinguish themselves in the British showring, ( Herb Robert later became an Australian champion).

Ruth, quite alot later, did campaign Amalek Music Man, which made up aged, I think 5 or 6.

There were a couple of others shown by the kennel as I recall.

Quinoa Be Merry (a Merryman son) debuted at LKA 1985 and won the dog CC, after which he promptly dropped his ears.

Quinoa Tophat ( sorry, I just can’t remember the owner’s name, my apologies) had the same problem of dropped ears. He was litter brother to Ch Pinstripe & Ch Queen Bee.

The kennel also had Reeberrich Ringlet ( 1 CC & 1 res CC) but she was withdrawn from competition ( reason unknown).

Quinoa champions:




(Caesarea) Jubilena Star

Pipe Dream

Old Holborn ( Ellis-Jones)

Country Gent

Queen of Spades

Cold Comfort



Pinstripe ( Richardson)

Queen Bee ( Wright)

(Amalek) Music Man

By Johnny Richardson (Reeberich)

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