ETTs and Whippets

Ron (ETT) and Stanley (Whippet) have been together since they were puppies and get on famously. The boys have some differences in personality and general needs, but have learned to live together very well.

Ron is quite a high energy dog, and has a lot of stamina. When out for long walks, he runs around for much longer than Stan. Stan however, has huge bursts of speed and then walks for the remainder of the time. When running together, Stan has learned to slow himself down to account for Ron’s little legs but Ron does a surprisingly good job of keeping up anyway.

I am sure that Ron sleeps more than the average ETT, and that will be the influence of Stanley, who only has short periods of being awake during the day.

Stanley has learned to play fight with Ron, and this is not natural to Whippets, they chase and tug. He also sits down while they play, so they are the same height which is lovely!

The only challenge is when Stan slips into full prey seeking mode. If allowed to get over excited, he will chase and flatten Ron like a hare. Ron usually gives Stanley a telling off, but we generally step in if outdoor play gets to this stage.

We thought that Ron would be in charge, being the terrier, but it hasn’t worked out that way at all we don’t seem to have a strong hierarchy (maybe because we all know that I am in charge?) The boys take it in turns to be in charge based on how they feel about the situation and what is at stake. 

All in all, we find ETTs and Whippets to be a good combination, and would recommend them as a good match.

Submitted by: Vicky Wiliams (Pet Owner)

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