JDCM/Xanthinuria Updates 2016

The Canadian Manchester Terrier website has been updated with some new resources, results and statistics on JDCM and Xanthinuria, as follows:

Presentation Material

The Canadian Manchester Terrier Club and the American Manchester Terrier Club welcomed Nicole Tate from the University of Minnesota for a September 2016 presentation on Juvenile Cardioymopathy and Xanthinuria at the American Manchester Terrier Club National Specialty.

Slides and audio from that presentation are now available here: http://www.canadamt.com/juvenile-cardiomyopathy-study.html

Standard Manchester Testing

In September 2016, the Canadian Manchester Terrier Club sponsored testing of a random group of Standard Manchester Terriers.

All 25 Standard Manchesters tested clear for both Juvenile Cardiomyopathy and Xanthinuria.

Additional information can be found here: http://www.canadamt.com/jcm-research.html

Updated JDCM Stats

As of November 2, 2016, a total of 291 Toy Manchesters/English Toy Terriers have been tested for JDCM.

Results are as follows:
Affected: 2 (0.7%)
Carrier: 75 (25.8%)
Clear: 214 (73.5%)

North American vs International breakdowns can be found here: http://www.canadamt.com/jcm-research.html
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