History Spotlight: CH REEBERRICH ARROW

Clearing out a box of memories yesterday, I came across this photograph, that I’d not seen in probably 20 years.

Taken in the mid 1990s, it is


Sired by Champion Brynlythe Bertram of Reeberrich out of Champion Reeberrich Katydid.

He won his champions title in 6 shows.

He was the result of a slight outcross mating, that I had purchased as a puppy to widen the gene pool in my breeding programme but with Katydid, he shared a common ancestry with the prepotent sires Champion Richburn Man Of Kent at Benhelmstone, and Champion Quinoa Old Holborn ( through his son Champion High Holborn of Reeberrich, Champion Katydid’s sire).

He was used, rarely, at stud.

I mated him back to his mother, Champion Reeberrich Katydid, which produced the litter sisters, Champion Reeberrich Scarlett and Champion Reeberrich Webspinner at Arachne.

His second mating produced the bitch multi Champion Reeberrich Racing Silks.

He was a real stallion male, very upstanding, a beautiful masculine, but refined head, and with a fabulous long neck, that displayed a wonderful crest to it. Toby Nokes ( Heartspride) referred to him as having a neck like a Swan !)

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