Mr LG & Mrs P Waterhouse & Mrs S Elgey

 Location UK

Chester, North West England & Hull, North East England


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Next litter planned January 2021

Sharex Dragons Gold at Twowayshouse x Randallcarr Royal Hague

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Breeding Experience Nearly 20 years

The Kennel name Randallcarr belonged to Teri Hague, it was at her bequest that on her death in 2016 that we adopted her kennel name along side our already established Twowayshouse Kennel Name and carried her line on to the best of our ability.

Our own Twowayshouse dogs accepted all the changes well as we already had by then, either bought or had in our care or in the care of our friends, all her dogs as Teri had been too unwell for a considerable amount of time to care for them.

We are very pleased that Sherean Elgey, who had kindly taken two of Teri’s girls into her home, agreed to breed from them and to become our partner under the Randallcarr Affix.

Health Testing

  • Patellar Luxation
  • JDCM
  • Xanthinuria

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