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Who are we?

We’re a group of passionate English Toy Terrier enthusiasts, mostly based in the UK but we are very fortunate to include many owners and their ETTs from across the world.

Our mission is to nurture a thriving community of English Toy Terrier breeders, current owners, past owners, and future owners, globally.

We hope to share and preserve knowledge and information / share owner experiences / connect ETT owners and their ETTs worldwide.

How are we working towards that?

We look after the website, Facebook group, Facebook page and Instagram account


Designing and creating for these platforms is a privilege and a huge opportunity to raise the profile of our beloved breed.

With less than 100 ETTs born in the UK each year, it is critical that we promote awareness of this historic breed, educate newcomers, share knowledge and encourage responsible and health-tested breeding programmes.

The breed is in a vulnerable place but there’s certainly hope and a great many people across the world are working to secure the future of this very special breed, generations to come can enjoy the companionship of an ETT.

How can you help us?

Web design, graphic design and content management not only costs time, but money.

Help us to continue to produce content for our community channels. We have big plans for the future – help us make them happen.