What’s your Covid Companion Story?

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Covid Companions


About the series

A whole year has passed since we were all instructed to stay at home in a huge national (and global!) effort to slow the spread of the virus.

It’s been a devastating year for so many, in so many different ways.

On the 23rd of March, as we remembered those we’ve lost and celebrated the key workers who are carrying us through this pandemic, I found myself thinking how did we get through last year and how are we getting through this year?

I flipped through my own memories of the last year and asked myself what has helped me every single day.

If I asked you the same what do you think of? 

We will all have coping strategies as unique and wide ranging as our circumstances but I’m working on a theory that we all have one key source of support in common…

Our English Toy Terriers.

It’s no secret that dog ownership provides measurable health benefits, (this is why therapy dogs are so effective – Read about Jonny & Milo’s Pets As Therapy work here). 

They force us to to get outside for fresh air, they’re always pleased to see us, and they’ll lap up our tears when we’ve run out of tissues.

They’ve been there through this with us every step of the way and only asked to be loved (and fed) in return.

How have your ETTs helped you through 2020/2021?

Share your story

Let’s pay homage to our very best black & tan friends.

  • How has your ETT helped you through the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Have you stayed connected to other ETT owners throughout the Pandemic?
  • How have other ETT owners supported you at this time?

Stories can be submitted and shared completely anonymously if you wish.

Let’s hear it for our dogs <3

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