Watercolour Print A5 – Jessie by Mo Hywel-Smith


Fine art prints for humans who love English toy terriers.

Jessie by Mo Hywel-Smith, 2020

“Jessie is soon to be eight years old and is in charge of all the other ETTs. Loving, cuddly and too clever for her own good! The number of times I have left a snack for for literally seconds and have come back to find it gone! In the meantime, she is back in her bed – innocence personified.”

Proceeds from this design support English Toy Terrier Rescue & Welfare

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Stunning A5 digital water colour painting printed on Cold Press Watercolour Paper

A5 12.7x17.8cm / 5x7"



by Mo Hywel-Smith

Jessie's Rescue Story

Due some big changes to family life, Jessie’s previous owner was no longer able to give her the time and attention she deserved. 

“I drove to Northampton to pick her up (many tears on both sides), brought her home, introduced her to my 15 year old ETT Polly (now deceased) and she fitted in like a dream. I have now had her for 4 years. It’s rewarding to give something back to a delightful breed which has given me so much joy over the years. ” 

Mo has owned ETTs for 16 years. She lives in North Yorkshire with her husband and her 4 rescue ETTs.

Proceeds from this design support English Toy Terrier Rescue & Welfare

A Single A5 12.7x17.8cm / 5x7" fine art print on cold pressed water colour art paper.

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Dimensions 7 × 5 cm