Covid Companions: Story 1

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Story 1

Submitted by Lianne
Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK

“Where do I begin, I guess it was love at first sight.

Lumen has helped me with so many things the list seems endless. I could maybe start with telling you about me, I’m autistic and struggle with day to day activities.

I feel lumen helps me on the daily, I’m calmer, less anxious, and the love she gives with a lick or two, a rest on the arm or just to prawn on my legs, I know she loves me. Which makes me feel so much better.

From playing with her and the numerous amount of fury friends she has lying around the choice is endless for fun, she sometimes makes an appearance at work since I’ve been working from home, dealing with customers I get.

We seem to have been inseparable since 2019 which I wouldn’t change for the world. Lockdown walks wouldn’t have been the same without her.

She’s a very snuggly lady who absolutely lives for a blanket even though she looks like Dobby when she comes out of hiding.

Thank-you Lumen for being you.”

Submitted by Lianne
Washington, Tyne & Wear, UK

How have your ETTs helped you through 2020/2021?

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Let’s pay homage to our very best black & tan friends.

  • How has your ETT helped you through the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  • Have you stayed connected to other ETT owners throughout the Pandemic?
  • How have other ETT owners supported you at this time?

Stories can be submitted and shared completely anonymously if you wish.

Let’s hear it for our dogs <3

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